ODINCON will once again host a massive LAN right next door to the ESL Pro League Finals in CS:GO. You can play any game you want with your friends and other participants. The LAN includes competitions in some of the largest esport and gaming titles.

We will provide the network, the venue and a place to sleep. You will be able to buy food and drinks at the venue. We will have staff ready to help you with any concerns throughout the event.

LAN stands for “local area network”. The participants in a LAN bring their own computers and equipment to play and compete with eachother in many different gaming titles.

This year Odincon LAN features the most famous game titles. We are going to have PUBG Squad and Duo, League of Legends and CS:GO tournaments.

Participants can also compete in Fortnite as we represent Fortnite Fever where you can win both money and gear prizes.

Get your tickets here.

LAN-tickets also give access to the EXPO.