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Q: May I bring food and beverages into the venue?
A: No. There will be a varied selection of food and drinks at the venue.

Q: How do I get to the venue?
A: You can find info about the venue under the “About”-tab

Q: What items are prohibited from the event?
A: Illegal drugs, spray cans, professional camera gear, umbrellas, large bags and weapons or potentially dangerous objects.

Q: May I bring animals to the event?
A: No animals are allowed. Not even your cute pet.

Q: Where do I park?
A: There is a huge parking lot at the venue.

Q: Do children get in for free?
A: Children under 12 years of age may enter the EXPO for free.

Q: May I walk freely between the expo, the LAN and the ESL Pro League Finals?
A: LAN-tickets and ESL-tickets give access to the EXPO, but if you want to move between LAN and ESL, you need separate tickets for both events.

Q: How much room do I have?
A: Each ticket allows for the use of half of a table, meaning each participant has 91 x 76 cm at their disposal.

Q: How many tournaments may I participate in?
A: It is only possible to participate in one tournament at a time, but if you get eliminated from one tournament, you are welcome to participate in any tournaments that have not yet started.

Q: Do I have to arrive when it starts?
A: No. You can show up whenever you want. The event is open all day. Note that tournaments will start as planned whether you are there or not.

Q: Do I have to bring my own computer?
A: Yes. Computer, screen, keyboard, mouse, headset and any other gaming gear you may use.