To ensure a great experience at ODINCON LAN, we have the following rules, that all participants must follow.

General Rules

The rules for ODINCON LAN may be changed at any time, without notice, and will always be updated on
Participants must follow any directions from ODINCON LAN crew, public authorities such as police or fire marshals.
If the rules are not follow, ODINCON LAN reserve the right to expel the participant from the event. Without reimbursement of any tickets or other purchases made as a part of the participation at ODINCON LAN, including, but not limited to, transport fees and hotel services.
ODINCON LAN is not liable for any damages caused by vandalism, power surges, or damage caused in any other way.
Full or partial reimbursement of tickets is not possible due to illness, power outage, outages on network or internet, or due to any other unforeseen incidents.
Each ticket to ODINCON LAN is unique, and grants access for one person to the event.
Ticket fraud, or any attempt at unauthorized access to ODINCON LAN will be reported to the police.

Participating / Seating

For each seat, there is one power plug (with Danish grounded plug) and one network plug (RJ45) available.
WiFi is not available at ODINCON LAN.
The participant must bring his/her own power cables, extension-cords, a network cable etc., required for plugging in any equipment.
It is only allowed to connect one computer, console or laptop at a time, per participant. If you want to bring more equipment, please purchase more tickets.
It is not allowed to plug in your own network equipment, such as routers, switches, WiFi accesspoints, or similar, to the provided network.
Loudspeakers are not allowed. Please use a headset.
It is not allowed to plug in mini-fridges, toasters, coffee-makers, electric kettles or similar, as these use up too much power.
It is not allowed to bring a sofa, armchair, or similar large furniture to ODINCON LAN. It is however allowed to bring you own chair to sit in, as long as the chair is not overly dimensioned, as to keep escape routes and emergency exits easily accessible.
All belongings must be kept at the participants seat, and must not be placed in hallways, in front of exits, along walls or similar, as these must all be kept clear in case of emergencies.
It is not allowed to access any computer that is not your own, unless you have the permission of the owner. Not even if the computer has been left unlocked/unattended.
It is not allowed to break into any electronic devices such as switches, computers, servers etc. Any such action will be reported to the police in accordance with Danish law, and the participant will be expelled from ODINCON LAN.
All participants are advised to ensure that they do not have any users without passwords, or shares on their computer that could potentially be abused when connecting to a big network.
When you, as a participant leave the event, please put all trash in the trash bins, and remember all of your belongings.
Any forgotten items must be claimed no later than 1 week after the ODINCON LAN. ODINCON LAN will gladly ship any forgotten items if compensated for shipping and packaging costs.
Any unclaimed items, will either be given to charity or disposed of, 1 week after ODINCON LAN.


In sleeping areas, air mattresses and sleeping pads must be placed closely together, and within the marked areas, to ensure there is enough room for everyone.
It is not allowed to sleep under the tables or in the isles, due to fire regulations.

Alcohol & Drugs

It is not allowed to use any form of drugs, or to consume alcohol at ODINCON LAN.
It is not allowed to participate in the event under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
Access to sleeping areas will also not be allowed under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


Smoking is not allowed indoors anywhere at the venue.
Smoking may only take place outside, in the designated areas.
Same rules apply for e-cigarettes and snus, as for normal smokers.

Food & Drink

It is allowed to bring limited quantities of food and drink to ODINCON LAN, but excess amounts, that may indicate sale in mind, will be rejected at the door.


It is not allowed to hang posters, signs or hand out any advertising material, or in any other form, advertise at ODINCON LAN, without a written permission from ODINCON LAN.
It is not allowed to sell any items at ODINCON LAN, without written permission from ODINCON LAN.
Some areas of ODINCON LAN may be under video surveillance, there may be taken pictures and recorded video at ODINCON LAN and by participating at ODINCON LAN, the participant agree that this material may be used, without permission, for marketing purposes.
ODINCON LAN reserve the right to inspect any bags, computer cases, or anything else, brought to ODINCON LAN, to ensure that no drugs, alcohol or other unwanted items are brought in.
It is not allowed to fly with drones at ODINCON LAN, without a written permission from ODINCON LAN.
It is not allowed to use roller-skates, seg-boards, or similar at ODINCON LAN, to ensure that no computers are tipped over.
It is not allowed to bring any knives, brass knuckles or dummy/decoy weapons or similar to ODINCON LAN. Props for cosplaying may be allowed if they are not too realistic.
ODINCON LAN reserve the right to log and save any traffic at the event, according to Danish law, and save the data for up to 3 years.