League of Legends

Signup will open on December 8th at 12:00, and must be done at ODINCON LAN


5 x Tickets to the ESL PRO LEAGUE FINALS – Sunday
1 x 6.000 DKK

5 x Tickets to the ESL PRO LEAGUE FINALS – Sunday
1 x 2.000 DKK

5 x Tickets to the ESL PRO LEAGUE FINALS – Sunday

Signup will open on December 8th at 12:00, and must be done at ODINCON LAN.


1.1 One must be present at Odicon

2.1 These settings must be used when creating a game:
Map: Summoners Rift, Summer (5 vs 5 map)
Game Type: Tournament Draft
2.2 Admins can always extend the match start if they estimate the delay is justified. Do not try to fish for free wins. Always do your best, so all matches are played correctly.
2.3 To create a match, one of the team captains must go into play> Custom> and create a custom game.
In custom game, be sure to set the game type to Tournament Draft and select Summoners Rift. You are then invited to invite an opponent or more from the second team and can give them the invitation’s rights to get everyone into the game.
2.4 The game starts as soon as team captain from each team has written that they are ready.

§3 During match
3.1 Both teams are required to take screenshots of the picks and bans, as well as the final score after the game. This is used in case of problems with decision of the match.
3.2 A team is declared winner when the opponent’s nexus is destroyed or surrendered.
3.3 A team can request Game Crew to get a game remaked before 00:01:30. This is if, for example, errors occur in runes / masteries. This can only be done once per run. (Same champions must be picked)
3.3.1 In the case of remake, the game is still made for tournament draft and you only banner the same champions.
3.4 The tournament will be settled with a group of games with 4 teams in each group. 2 teams from each group will move on to the double elimination game.
3.4.1 If there is a three-way tie (3 teams with the same win / loss) then all 3 teams will proceed.
3.4.2 The entire group of the game will be played BO1
3.4.3 Double elimination will be played BO1, and upper / lower-final BO3
3.4.4 Bronze game is played BO3
3.4.5 Grand Final is played BO5
3.5 The tournament is held on the EU West server.

4.1 Disconnecting in champion select, the game must be remakes and those who had chosen champions up to disconnect should choose the same. The same ban must be used. Unless both teams agree on a reset.
4.2 If a player disconnects ingame, the person must reconnect to the game as soon as possible.
4.3 If more players have trouble connecting due to server problems please contact Game Crew.

5.1 The team can pause max 5 minutes without consulting an admin.
5.2 Before a game is resumed, both teams must have written in the chat that they are ready.

§6 Team
6.1 A team consists of 5 players.
6.2 A player can only be on ONE team in the tournament.
6.3 Spectators: Spectators are allowed only if both teams agree.
6.4 Game Crew can spectate any game in the tournament and can not be denied access to this.
6.5 Game Crew can give special permission to spectators that can not be denied (casters, etc.)
6.6 Placeholders are allowed, however, this must be agreed with the opponent team before the match starts. Be sure to take screenshot as proof of it.

§7 Cheat
7.1 The following are not allowed:
Disconnecting from the game on purpose.
Playing on an account you do not own.
Third-party programs.

§8. Complaint
8.1 If you want to complain about something the opponent has done make sure to have screenshots and other.
8.2 When complaining about pauses, you must have screenshots of pauses taken and timestamps.
8.3 If you complain that the same champions are not picked by a remake, make sure you have taken screenshots if there are no screenshots then the game crew will not do anything.
8.4 Generally make sure to document everything and bring it to the game crew so that they can make a decision.

9.1 Admin’s has the last word in any doubt situation.
9.2 Admins reserves the right at any time to make changes without notice.

§10. Changes
10.1 Subject to change without notice.