ODINCON LAN is a computer festival for gamers of all ages.

ODINCON LAN is held right next to the venue of one of the worlds’ largest esport events, ESL PRO LEAGUE FINALS in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. At ODINCON LAN you can join like-minded, and play games with new friends. At the same time, you can see a live feed from just next door, with the ESL PRO LEAGUE FINALS.

We have summed up the most important points for parents, but make sure you also read through the Rules and the FAQ of the event.

What do you need?

Everyone must bring their own computer and any related equipment, plus any games that you might want to play.
Make sure your computer has a network card, and remember a network cable as there is no WiFi available.

What should parents know?

At an event like ODINCON LAN, you, as a parent, will have to accept that things may be a bit more relaxed in terms of diet, sleeping hours etc.
Most parents already know that when you sit gaming all night, it’s not exactly vegetables and milk that is highest on the list of things being consumed, but rather cola, chips, candy and energy drinks, and you should accept this before sending your gamer to ODINCON LAN.
If you accept all of the above, know that your gamer is going to have a great time, meet fantastic new friends at ODINCON LAN.

Age limit

As such, there is no age limit, but it is expected that you can take care of yourself, and be on your own throughout the weekend.


Alcohol is strictly forbidden at ODINCON LAN. Please see our rules for more information.


It will be possible to buy food out of several food-stands at ODINCON, not just the LAN, and it will be possible to purchase cola etc., at reasonable prices.
If you don’t want to be thinking of what to eat, or want to be sure of a great a nutritious meal, you can add a meal-ticket to your ticket. See more under tickets.