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  • How do I signup and reserve a seat?

    Before you can reserve a seat, you must have bought a ticket. Please click the “Buy tickets” link on the front page of ODINCON LAN. Once you have your ticket, please see more under ”Reserve your seat”

  • How much room do I have?

    Each ticket allows for the use of half of a table, meaning each participant has 91 x 76 cm at their disposal.

  • What am I allowed to connect?

    Due to limited power availability, it is ONLY allowed that you connect your computer, your screen, or two screens if you have the room for this, plus phone charger etc. You may be asked to remove any excess equipment, not essential for gaming, if power supply is a problem.

  • May I bring a fridge, water kettle or similar?

    No. Due to power limitations, such items are not allowed.

  • How do I create a group?

    Once you have purchased a ticket, you can sign up for the event and create a group through the menu on the ODICON LAN website.

  • I would like to participate in multiple tournaments, is that possible?

    It is only possible to participate in one tournament at a time, but if you get eliminated from one tournament, you are welcome to participate in any tournaments, that have not yet started, at the time of your elimination.

  • When is it possible to sign up to tournaments?

    Signup will open at 12:00 on Friday, December 8th. Same time as the event.

  • Are there special tickets for managers?

    No. Managers have to buy tickets just like normal participants, as the benefits of access to the Expo etc., are all the same.

  • Are guests allowed to visit ODINCON LAN?

    Yes. Guests are allowed to get a sneak peek during the same hours that the ODINCON EXPO is open. See under the ODINCON EXPO for opening hours.

  • Can I have a shower at Odincon?


  • What ODINCON LAN provide?

    At ODINCON LAN, we provide a weekend with your friends, and the infrastructure surrounding the gaming event: One power plug per participant One network plug per participant (Note that WiFi is not available) Internet Lot’s of fun Lot’s of tournaments Access to the ODINCON EXPO, within the EXPO opening hours Viewing-party for the ESL PRO LEAGUE FINALS, which take place just next door

  • How old do you have to be?

    As such, there is no age limit, but it is expected that you can take care of yourself, and be on your own throughout the weekend. If you are a parent, please see the parent information in the menu.

  • Do I have to arrive when it starts?

    No. You can show up whenever you want. The event is open all day. Note that tournaments will start as planned, whether you are there or not.

  • Do I have to bring my own computer?

    Yes. Computer, screen, keyboard, mouse etc. Please see the “What to remember” list.