Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Signup will open on December 8th at 12:00, and must be done at ODINCON LAN


5 x Tickets to the ESL PRO LEAGUE FINALS – Sunday
1 x 6.000 DKK

5 x Tickets to the ESL PRO LEAGUE FINALS – Sunday
1 x 2.000 DKK

5 x Tickets to the ESL PRO LEAGUE FINALS – Sunday

Signup will open on December 8th at 12:00, and must be done at ODINCON LAN.


§1 – Changes to the rules:
1.1 – Tournament administrators reserve the right to change any rule at any given time before or during the tournament if necessary.
1.2 – This also includes a change of format if the time becomes short

§2 – General information about the tournament:
§2.1 – Tournament format:
2.1.1 – X Groups with up to 4 teams in each group. Top 2 from each groups continues to the playoff.
2.1.2 – Double Elimination Playoffs. All 1. places meets one from 2. place from group play. BO3 in all matches in upper bracket. BO1in lower bracket.
§2.2 – As player:
2.2.1 – A player may ONLY participate in matches for ONE (1) team in the tournament
2.2.2 – A player SHALL use the registered in-game nick for matches in the tournament
2.2.3 – A player must have read and understood the rules applicable to the tournament
2.2.4 – A team consists of 5 players. There is no option for Stand-Ins
2.2.5 – The team captain is responsible for all registered players having the correct in-game names before check-in.
2.2.6 – The player SHALL be present to Odicon
§2.3 – Map pool:
§2.4 – Map pick and veto
2.4.1 – Bo1 Vetoes:
The lower-level team in the bracket system bans one more
The top-level team bans map.
The lower-level team bans map.
The top-level team bans map.
The lower-level team bans map.
The top-level team bans map.
Last map is what will be played.
2.4.2 – Bo3 Vetoes:
The lower-level team in the bracket system bans one more
The top-level team bans map..
The lower-level team picks 1 map which will be the first played map.
the top-level team picks 1 map which will be the second played map.
The lower-level team bans map.
The top-level team bans map.
Last map is what will be played if needed.
Veto will be done on
§2.5 – Match format
2.5.1 – All matches is played 5vs5
2.5.2 – A match consists of two half-laps of 15 rounds, with each round at maximum 1 minute and 55 seconds (mp_roundtime_defuse 1.92) and a 40-second bomb time (mp_c4timer 40)
2.5.3 – One half is over when 15 rounds have been played.
2.5.4 – A match is over when a team reaches 16 rounds. In case of a tie, overtime must be played according to the following rules:
10000 startmoney

§3 – Before match start
Make to be ready in good time before your match starts
§3.3 – It is required to have minimum of 4 players present doing match start. If you only have 3 players or less your match will be lost

§4 – Under the match
§4.1 – Picking sides
4.1.1 – In Bo1, the teams will play a Knife round about the right to select the start page.
4.1.2 – In a BO3 the team which did not pick the map will choose side. If you end up in the third map a knife round is required to decide who starts on what side.
§4.2 – Bomb-boosting
4.2.1 – Bomb boosting is not allowed. This will be seen as an advantage for the Terrorists. The bomb can only be placed by the bomb carrier without interference from the fellow players.
§4.3 – Boosting
4.3.1 – Generally, boosting is allowed unless boosted to a place that gives an overview of the folder that is not intended
§4.4 – Chat/say
4.4.1 – Chat / say should be kept to a minimum. Small comments like HP ?, NS etc are okay as long as it is not used to distract. As far as possible, it must be kept for freezetime.
§4.5 – Map exploits
4.5.1 – Utilization of a new or known map exploit will result in a warning or penalty.
§4.6 – Cheating and and 3rd-party programs
4.6.1 – It is by no means permitted to use 3rd party programs or scripts such as OGC, WH, AIMBOT, etc.
4.6.2 – Cheating is not allowed!
§4.7 – Pausing
4.7.1 – It is allowed to have a break for technical problems. In addition, each team must take a Tactical Timeout per half. This timeout must last 2 minutes
§4.8 – Client breakdown and disconnects
4.8.1 – If a player disconnects from the server due to technical reasons, the match must be paused after the current round has ended (when either “Counter-Terrorist win” or “Terrorist win” appears on screen). A break is valid until the freeze time on the next round is over.
4.8.2 – Only the relevant team captain must pause and unpause the game.
4.8.3 – If the disconnected player or substitute is not left on the server after 10 minutes of disconnection, the game must continue.
§4.9 – Server problems
4.9.1 – If the server crashes within the first 3 rounds, the match will be restarted.
4.9.2 – If the server crashes after the game has 3 rounds, the match must continue. Admins will use the backup file to restore the match.
4.9.3 – A round is over when either “Counter-Terrorist win” or “Terrorist win” appears on the screen.
4.9.4 – A round is valid when there has been a kill and / or the bomb is located. This only applies if team A disconnects from the server and hold B still playing after the first three rounds have been played.
§4.10 – Streaming and spectators
4.10.1 – Streaming is allowed if there is a minimum delay of 90 seconds. (You can ask admin after GOTV IP)
4.10.2 – It is not allowed to spectate unless explicitly authorized by a tournament administrator.
§4.11 – Client settings
4.11.1 – All players should have the following in their autoexec.cfg: – rate “128000” – cl_cmdrate “128” – cl_updaterate “128”

§5 – After the match
§5.1 – Match results
5.1.1 – Reports the result of the match directly into the tournament system. – If you have trouble reporting yourself, please contact admin.
5.1.2 – Both teams are always asked to check the results when a match is decided.
5.1.3 – Be sure to check when your team has to play again so that you are ready in good time.
5.1.4 – We encourage teams to remember each other at the start time in good time.
§5.2 – Demos & Screenshots
5.2.1 – All teams must take screenshots after each completed match with match results.
5.2.2 – All players must record a demo of their matches. If needed, the tournament administrators can be contacted. All players must give up their demo of the match if requested by the tournament administrators.

§6 – Violation of the rules
§6.1 – Conflicts
6.1.1 – If a conflict occurs during or after a match, an admin must be contacted immediately to resolve it. During the match, the match can be paused after “CT / T wins” but before the freeze timer is over.
6.1.2 – If a conflict includes a complaint against an opponent, an admin or other, the next paragraph of the rule set applies.
§6.2 – Compliance
6.2.1 – By participating in the tournament, players will without reservation accept all of the above and below rules and any decision made by the tournament administrators during the tournament may at any time replace these rules.
§6.3 – Complaints
6.3.1 – If a player wishes to make a complaint, the following applies:
6.3.2 – Be absolutely sure what exactly your complaint is and is about.
6.3.3 – Refer your complaint to an admin and explain your case. Remember to have evidence such as screenshots and demos to substantiate your case if possible.
6.3.4 – The prosecutor must at any time be able to provide the necessary evidence that a complaint may be fairly evaluated by the tournament administrator.
6.3.5 – The Admin will then contact the accused player and register their version of the case. Based on this information and in consultation with each other, the tournament administrators will make a decision on the matter. Decisions made by tournament administrators are final.
§6.4 – Punishment and disqualification
If a rule is violated, admins may, in agreement with the tournament holder, apply the following penalties according to their rating. Penalties that can be applied are the following:
§6.5 – Warning (see next item)
6.5.1 – 3 lost rounds (the offending team loses 3 rounds and the other team gets the 3 rounds)
6.5.2 – The match will be abandoned
6.5.3 – Disqualification of a player or team from the tournament
6.5.4 – Ban from future tournaments
6.5.5 – Warnings
6.5.6 – When a rule is violated, an admin may choose to hand out a warning to a player or team. A warning to a player causes a warning to the whole team.
§6.6 – Cases that may cause a warning:
6.6.1 – Bad behavior against admins and opponents
6.6.2 – Violation of the rules
6.6.3 – Delays without permission from admins
6.6.4 – Conscious use of bugs
6.6.5 – Multiple warnings can be issued at the same time.
6.6.6 – 3 warnings will result in disqualification from the tournament.
§6.7 – Behavior
6.7.1 – We expect all participants to behave professionally and with good sports spirit at all times.
6.7.2 – Matches lost by will, verbal or any other abuse of an opponent may result in warnings or disqualifications from the tournament.
6.7.3 – Bad behavior during or after the tournament may result in a ban from future tournaments.
6.7.4 – We expect all players to behave exemplarily and display understanding and patience with their opponents and tournament administrators.
6.7.5 – If the tournament administrators make a decision that opposes a participant’s opinion, it is allowed to be dissatisfied with this if any criticism is formulated in a constructive and subjective manner.